MacDev Prime XTS Cyclops GLOSS (Grey/Red)

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No edges where rubber and aluminium meet.

A strong aluminum frame has integrated rubber grips for comfort. The rubber is recessed into the aluminium for a comfortable and water resistant fit.

Integrated OLED screen

The 65K colour OLED screen is integrated directly into the aluminium frame, making it strong, and placing it in an easy-reading side location.

New front grip

The strong, metal front grip is overlaid with a rubber grip to give both strength and comfort.

Ergonomic advantage

The MacDev lengthened platform revolutionised marker ergonomics for accuracy and running/gunning. Small refinements to the balance and spacing, along with trigger placement and balance continue this long history of functional paintball marker ergonomics.


Infinity Drive

The Prime is built around the Infinity Drive, which is smooth, accurate and easy to maintain.

Dual bumpers

The infinity drive uses a cushioning bumper on both ends of the marker stroke, reducing kick during the firing cycle.

Fixed valve

The infinity drive uses a fixed valve to ensure that nothing moves between shots, this gives a more consistent shot each and every time.

Proven reliability

The Infinity drive has been in field test for an unprecedented 18 months. We have tested it in all conditions, so you know you can rely on it.


Lever air on/off

Convenient venting lever system is made with an elegant and effective design.

Low maintenance

The system used fixed o-rings and sliding one piece pin, meaning things don’t wear out or get lost. The whole system can be regreased in seconds.

Easy and light

Careful mechanical advantage design in the lever cam makes it very light to operate.


New generation electronics

The electronics have been rebuilt from the ground up, to complement the new streamlined shape and features of the MacDev Prime. A huge emphasis has been placed on reliability.

Wire free

MacDev gave you the first wire free frame/body connection, so it seems only natural that it has been refined even further with the new Prime wire free disconnect system.

Built for rain hail or shine

When you play paintball, you get wet. And dirty. The electronics have been built with larger components and larger space between the electronic tracks. When combined with the new close fit grips, this means the Prime electronics can handle moisture and dirt like never before.


A more responsive trigger

A good trigger makes your paintball marker a joy to shoot. The Prime trigger system can be removed from the marker with bearings and spring carrier intact, giving you unprecedented control over your trigger.

Built-in anti-vibration

Your trigger moves around, A LOT. The Prime has an innovative way of keeping your trigger setting exactly as you like it, no matter how many times you pull that trigger.

Wide spaced bearings

Wider spaced bearings mean the trigger has less side to side movement, giving you that smooth back and forth trigger that feels just right.